Audrey’s Story.

After a period in Hull Royal Infirmary where Audrey had two operations for treatment of a bleed on the brain, my aunty was discharged and entered St Mary’s Care Centre, Anlaby on the 24th of June 2021. At that time, she had very little speech and restricted movement down her right hand side and it seemed that her mental capacity was impaired; all in all it looked as if she was nearing the end of her life.

Despite the fact that she is 94, the end of life scenario was hard to accept, so an approach was made to MOTIONrehab to ascertain whether or not there was any form of treatment that could improve her situation.

After an initial assessment, Tom McGregor of MOTIONrehab suggested that his colleague, Stephanie Kelly, Physiotherapist, should call on my aunty 2 or 3 times a week for an initial period of up to 6 weeks to see if any progress could be made.

Improvement was almost immediate but there was a set-back when my aunty, convinced that she could do more than she actually could, had a fall, cracked her head and was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary. There was no real damage done so she returned to St Mary’s and the therapy continued.

The progress has been quite remarkable. Stephanie’s dedication and commitment to my aunty has been nothing short of life-changing. In the very near future my aunty will return to her marital home rather than spending the rest of her days in a residential care home.

All the progress can be put down to my aunty’s determination and Stephanie’s skill and dedication.

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