LEXO robotic gait trainer

LEXO Robotic Gait Trainer

MOTIONrehab was the first neurological rehabilitation company in the UK to offer Tyromotion’s new LEXO robotic gait trainer for walking rehabilitation. MOTIONrehab was also the first outpatient clinic in the world to offer ALL of the Tyromotion devices under one roof. 

The LEXO is based on the scientifically established principles that high repetition of movements and specific gait training results in greater therapy outcomes, with 20% more patients being able to walk compared to traditional therapy approaches.

The LEXO from Tyromotion is a game changing robotic gait trainer for the lower body, which offers a new standard in gait therapy. LEXO’s innovative new system uniquely encourages and allows patients to self-activate movement on the LEXO. The active training element facilitates specific gait training such as weight shifting and load bearing. The integrated ‘pelvic plus system’ ensures LEXO is highly adaptable to each patients’ needs. It can be adjusted seamlessly which guarantees a physiologically correct posture and encourages a natural gait pattern.

The LEXO also offers a variety of transfer options to cater to each individual needs and ability. The hoist system enables therapists to raise and position patients comfortably and effortlessly. Whilst the self-transfer mode offers patients the option to slide into position independently.

LEXO offers patients immediate biofeedback that shows the patients’ own activity during different phases of walking and active weight transfer which supports the continuous improvement of the gait and walking patterns. This direct biofeedback also helps to motivate patients and work towards a better gait pattern.

LEXO’s unique strength lies in the encouragement of the patient working actively no matter how small during gait rehabilitation.  This further promotes the patients’ activity and the physiological walking pattern by providing only as much support as needed.

LEXO’s virtual environment and gamification helps to motivate patient to succeed at individual exercises and longer-term goals.

Advantages for Patients:

  • Safe, secure & comfortable – No more being walked by 2 – 4 therapists
  • Allows therapist to focus on patient
  • Gamification to make therapy more fun and motivating
  • Biofeedback enables patients to see visible improvements on screen during each session

Tyromotion and MOTIONrehab aims to help patients in improving their independence and quality of life. LEXO helps patients to take the first steps to getting better every day

For more information, or to book an assessment for MOTIONrehab’s Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Programmes or LEXO, please call MOTIONrehab’s Clients Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or email: [email protected]


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