MYRO – Interactive Therapy Surface

MYROMYRO is an exciting interactive therapy surface unlike any other. It can be used in a variety of different of ways. The MYRO sensors allow real-life learning with everyday objects on a responsive surface. MYRO is unique in that it reacts not only to motion but also to pressure.  MYRO can also be adapted to your individual needs and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. It is height-adjustable and the work-surface can be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees. MYROs responsive surface can be scaled to your ability and reach which allows your training to be personalised to your performance.

Exercises with MYRO can incorporate the use of everyday objects such as cups, keys, cloths and pens on the surface that responds to movement and pressure. The MYRO provides an opportunity for you to work on specific movements such as wiping or cleaning the table. It can also be used for memory exercises, planning and concentration skills.

The MYRO is available at MOTIONrehab’s Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centres in Leeds and Hull. Both centres include a range of upper and lower limb robotics and virtual reality technology. The MOTIONrehab centres were the first in the UK with these these particular devices, giving the clinic International Reference Centre Status for treatment, teaching and research. 

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