Staff training with patients has helped MOTIONrehab’s new Intensive Robotic Rehabilitation Centre in Hull comes alive with patients trying out all the new intensive rehabilitation devices for the first time.  The clinic in Hull is open following the incredible success of MOTIONrehab’s award winning Intensive Robotic Neurological Rehabilitation centre based in Leeds which launched in April 2018 and was the UK’s first highly Intensive Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation facility augmented by Robotics, Motion-Sensor and Virtual Reality devices.

Hull’s new centre includes a significant expansion of MOTIONrehab’s current clinic in Hull based at Warner Health Club. Staff training at the new robotics technology suite includes using a range of upper and lower limb robotics and virtual reality technology. Both MOTIONrehab centres will remain the only locations within UK with all of these particular devices to enable clients to accelerate their outcomes from rehabilitaiton.

The concept offers patients specialist one to one hands-on therapy from experienced and highly skilled clinicians. Uniquely, MOTIONrehab clients also spend time training with the evidence-based robotic, motion-sensor and virtual reality devices. This allows patients to practice the high number of repetitions of movements which is critical to neuroplasticity and achieving better outcomes faster than traditional hands-on therapy alone.

The MOTIONrehab centres were the first in the UK with these particular devices, giving the clinics International Reference Centre Status for treatment, teaching and research. Since April 2018, MOTIONrehab has been opening it’s doors to other rehabilitation facilities around the world as well as supporting NHS and private Hospitals/Clinics such as Circle Rehabilitation, Birmingham to help them implement intensive Robotics-led rehabilitation to help improve neurological rehabilitation services across the UK. 

Upon accessing our centres MOTIONrehab clients receive a detailed assessment by our team of specialist neurological physiotherapists. MOTIONrehab centres offers it’s patients specialist 1-1 hands-on therapy from experienced and highly skilled clinicians.

For more information or to book an assessment, please call MOTIONrehab’s Client Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or email: [email protected]