Following a massive stroke 11 years ago I was left with very limited mobility. 
After leaving hospital I was allocated 6 weekly sessions of physiotherapy. I was told to expect the most improvement within the first 6 months following my stroke and then any improvement, if any, would be very limited. My wife persuaded my doctor that a further block of physiotherapy would be beneficial and eventually I was allowed a further 2 blocks of 6 week sessions. I was then informed that I had reached a plateau. I tried to do the exercises I had been given, but I found it difficult to get myself motivated.
After seeing an article about the Saebo hand my wife contacted Sarah who over the last 8 years has helped me to achieve so many things that never thought possible. Sarah gives me so much confidence and is such an amazingly positive ‘can do’ person. Thank you Sarah for all the help and encouragement that you continue to give me.