Sheffield Neuroscience Society

MOTIONrehab’s Clinical Director, Sarah Daniel has been invited by the Sheffield Neuroscience Society in affiliation with Sheffield Medical School to a guest speaker at its Annual Neuroscience Conference on the 20th February 2021. 

Sarah DanielThe theme of the upcoming conference is “The challenges and breakthroughs in neurology and neurosurgery“, celebrating landmark achievements in the field of neuroscience, and highlighting new and exciting breakthroughs that are on the horizon. 

Sarah was invited to give a talk on the use of virtual reality to rehabilitate patients with neurological deficits.

The Sheffield Neuroscience Society holds this conference as its main event each year and an anticipated audience of around 100 students from all over the country with a keen interest in neurology and neurosurgery are expected to attend. The conference is being held on zoom this year. The day will involves talks from guest speakers, workshops and a student poster presentation.

Sarah will present the MOTIONrehab’s journey from conception of the clinic to the implementation of the highly intensive rehabilitation programme augmented by robotics and VR . Sarah will discuss the outcomes and impact that a new delivery model of rehabilitation is having for patients with neurological impairment and what impact this approach may have for future of rehabilitation.

Sarah Daniel launched the UK’s first Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centre augmented with Robotics and Virtual Reality technology in April 2018. MOTIONrehab was quickly recognised by the Financial Times, Google and leading European policy makers for technological innovation, it’s role in leading digital change, and in challenging an industry sector with a disruptive business model in the field of neurological rehabilitation on “Europes Road to Growth list’. Following the success that patients were seeing at the Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Leeds, MOTIONrehab decided to expand it’s services and open a second intensive neurological rehabilitation centre at it’s clinic in Hull in December 2020.