Emily’s Diary Intensive Neurological Rehabilitation – Week 2. Emily takes her first small but independent steps.

Friday 19th February 2021
OMEGO – feels like it really stretches legs
Physiotherapy – Worked on bed mobility with bent legs.  Went well, with straight legs seems difficult still. As for getting legs out of being locked vibration therapy, never heard of it, or mimic breaststroke motion so they are rotating as well? Anything is worth a go. Trunk movement needs some work.  Sliding hands up bent knees and trying to sit up should strengthen core and give somewhere to base movements from, makes sense so that’s being added to things to do regularly.
LEXO– Time down to 35 minutes but this is because we are focusing on getting weight through both legs evenly

Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st February 2021
I think my legs feel a bit stronger, balance in half stand has improved. I am toppling back a lot less when trying to adjust clothes for the toilet. Blisters on my feet are the only not so good effects I have noticed so far. It has only been a week at MOTIONrehab and everything looks so positive.

Monday 22nd February 2021
Physiotherapy – Pelvis positions sat, perched and half stands. Movement needs to be with the bottom half of back. When it feels like I am sat up straight I have gone too far, practice finding that mid ground whilst sat. Tuck as far under as possible whilst stood. Squeeze sides for a hip hitch whilst sat, it is going help a lot of things in the long run.
LEXO – Back up to 40 mins, making it to 68% on both legs
OMEGO – up to 21kg on both sides. 0 % assistance so it was my legs actually doing something for themselves. Plus, able to hold them still for a couple of seconds once helped to pull up.

Tuesday 23rd February 2021
LEXO – staying around 35 minutes but focusing on even weight through legs and knees apart once people let go. Should not be able to hear trousers brushing against themselves. Mirror helps with that I think, at least I am not staring down.
Physiotherapy – Stand to sits in a high perch. Try to relax arms and shoulders, weight forward to help get out of locked legs. Full stands always feel more stable than half ones to me so just need to keep going, legs will relax one day.
Crutches – did not think this was going to be possible for a long time!
Gutter frame – it just nice to be on my feet no matter how painful it is
TYMO – ankle movements. Work on getting heal closer to the ground first then squeeze muscles on the top of foot/front of leg. Try not to have arms folded across middle, did not realise how much harder it was going to be holding onto the pole. Biggest take away is probably shaking/twitching is a good thing. Possibly practice with wobble board closer into me?


Wednesday 24th February 2021
Did not think about it until Mum pointed it out but my mindset has changed to, I will be able to be rehabilitated rather than damage limitation in my life.

Thursday 25th February 2021
OMEGO – Unbelievable! I got to 10% resistance when cycling. Keep practicing those ankle movements.
Physiotherapy – Legs locking not the best start but learning a new way to manipulate them is good. Lift up, turn muscle in, down, turn muscle out. Working on sitting without staying locked, remember that bend at the hips
TYMO – Working on pelvis movement, it really helped being able to see on the scale when I am in neutral position. I think holding the pole also helped not to move the top half too much. 
Crutches – Stand straight and focus on bending hip. I could tell a difference from last time; it really is my legs doing something!

Week 2 now finished, watch out next week to see how week 3 goes!

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