Aubrey's Story

Aubrey’s Story – Aubrey started his rehabilitation at MOTIONrehab in July 2021 after sustaining a Spinal Cord Injury in 2019. Aubrey came to MOTIONrehab with reduced feeling in both of his legs and feet and was unable to move his legs independently. His primary goal was to walk again one day.  

Aubrey was keen to try out all of our Robotic and Virtual Reality Equipment in our Robotics Suite as well as access our more traditional Physiotherapy sessions so he started his first Intensive Rehab Package of 80 hours over 6 weeks. Aubrey started to use a variety of devices and especially loved using the LEXO however due to his low exercise tolerance he was only able to withstand this for 10-minute bursts.  

Aubrey worked incredibly hard to improve his sitting balance. This had been an issue for Aubrey when it came to dressing and other personal care tasks as he was unable to let go of furniture/ frames without risk of falling from his wheelchair. This has improved to the point Aubrey is now able to sit on a chair without a back or arms which he had not been able to do since his injury.  

Just over a month into Aubrey’s sessions with us he was able to complete 45 minute sessions on the LEXO each time. His pain levels improved so much he was forgetting to take his pain relief at times and his sleep had improved because of this.  

By September, Aubrey started another Intensive Rehabilitation Package. He was very determined to continue working towards his goals. Aubrey was now able to take some steps along the parallel bars with assistance of therapists. His control of his upper body was improving further and he was also feeling new sensations in his legs and feet for the first time!  

As the months passed Aubreys dedication had not faltered and by December he was starting to practice walking with a wheeled Zimmer frame with assistance.  

Aubrey took a trip to Panama for some Stem Cell Treatment in January 2022. He had a short break for this and then returned to MOTIONrehab for a further Intensive Rehabilitation Package. On his return, Aubrey continued to work towards improving his walking and managed to complete 8 metres with the Wheeled Zimmer frame with assistance of therapists – his furthest distance yet!  He then went on to repeat this, three times in the session! 

By March, Aubrey was actively participating in moving his legs himself with less assistance from therapists when walking with a wheeled zimmer frame. He was still using his upper body strength on the frame but was able to swing his feet through with good control. Aubrey has now also achieved being able to transfer out of his wheelchair to a bed / chair with the frame which required supervision only whilst practicing. He has also been able to step backwards with the frame for the first time with assistance.  

Aubrey continues to improve with his balance and core control whilst working towards his goal of increasing his mobility.

Keep up the hard work Aubrey- you’re an inspiration! 

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