Dobrinka Ivanova

Neurological Physiotherapist

Dobrinka graduated with a MSc in Physiotherapy from University, NSA Sofia in Bulgaria 1999. Dobrinka successfully held the position Senior Physiotherapist in areas that included Traumatic Brain Injury; Stroke; Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson disease, Brachial Plexus Injury, Cerebral Palsy before relocating to the UK. In 2008 she became duel skilled following employment at Clifton Park Hospital NHS. The position required MSK Physiotherapy involving assessment, treatment and management of wide range musculoskeletal conditions is including Pain Management and ward- based rehabilitation.

Dobrinka is passionate in all aspects of her work and been fortunate in the skills gained over the years. She has been involved with rehabilitation in conditions uses a variety of treatment approaches addressing patient’s goals, including hands on therapy, functional exercise programs,

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) when is appropriate.

Dobrinka is constantly looking in expanding her continuing professional development by completing varying courses such as; Spinal Cord Injuries, Neurological disorders-spasticity incl Post Stroke and Cerebral Palsy, Bobath, Botulinum Toxin Injection -Management of Spasticity, Gait Analysis,

Orthopaedic Medicine  (Cyriax), Shock Wave Treatment, Laser Training, Dry needling, Accupuncture, Alexander Technique, Osteopathic Techniques for Physiotherapists, Electrotherapy.


Cerebelar Ataxia,Dyskenesia,Dyspraxia,Foot drop, Brahial Plexus Injury, Functional Neurological Disorder,Gullian Barre Syndrome,Multiple Sclerosis,Functional Electrical Stimulation,Spastic Paraplegia,Myopathy,Functional Electrical Stimulation(FES), Motor Neurone Disease, Lower Limb Rehabilitation,Upper Limb Rehabilitation,Spinal Court Injury,Stroke,Trauma and Orthopaedic,Post Op Rehabilitation.

Dobrinka is based our MOTIONrehab® York clinic.

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