Neil’s Story – Neil had a Stroke in 2018 which left him with left sided weakness. In July 2021, he came to MOTIONrehab Hull to start an Intensive Rehabilitation Programme. Neil’s motivation was to improve his walking quality and to regain some function in his left arm.

Initially, Neil’s exercise tolerance was low. On his first LEXO session, Neil managed 99 metres in 6 minutes which was a good start, but by the end of his package he achieved just over 500 metres in 23 minutes. These results showed a good improvement in energy levels. Neil went on to spend time in the gym with MOTIONrehab’s Technical Instructors to work on his strength training and stamina. 

Previously, Neil was not using his left arm in his daily life as he felt it was quicker for him to use his non-affected right arm. However, this was stopping him from making improvements to his left arm due to a lack of use. With practice Neil was able to incorporate his left arm and hand into completing tasks such as making a drink and handling clothing. Neil practiced and worked on his range of movement using PABLO.  He was also able to improve the dexterity of his fingers so he could make a wider grasp when picking up items. Neil’s work meant that the range of movement in his wrist has also increased by 40 degrees. This meant he could pick up and place objects with much better control. Neil also managed to lift his arm upwards by a further 25 degrees as part of his training. 

Whilst standing Neil would mainly bear to his right side due to the weakness in his left. By the end of Neil’s package with MOTIONrehab he was standing in mid-line and his stability had improved. He also worked on his ability to lean in all directions using the BALO balance trainer which in turn supported his ability to balance. Neil also used a combination of the TYMO balance board and the interactive standing frame BALO to work on his weight bearing whilst eliminating the risk of falls. 

Neil also used the OMEGO pre-gait trainer to improve the strength of his left leg. Using the OMEGO, Neil managed to improve the symmetry of his cycling due to the increase of activity in his left leg. By the end of his rehabilitation programme, the amount of force he could generate in his left leg had increased by 10 kilograms, almost matching that of his right leg. 

Neil showed great engagement in his Intensive Rehabilitation Programme and left with some exercises and tasks to do at home to continue his rehabilitation. Keep going Neil!

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