Neurological Physiotherapy Team

Rehabilitation Network of Advice and Assistance

MOTIONrehab, are recognised experts in the field of Neurological Rehabilitation and have a large Rehabilitation Network of Advice and Assistance. The multi-disciplinary team has great success in improving the quality of life of adults and children with neurological impairments, difficulties or disabilities due to disease or injury of the brain or spinal cord. MOTIONrehab are renowned for their person-centred approach to therapy, personalising each individual’s therapy to enable everybody to achieve their full potential. 

However, we recognise that rehabilitation also requires effective partnerships with other professionals in the NHS, social care and private sector. Consequently, MOTIONrehab have built a large network of organisations that can complement your rehabilitation to help us, help you reach your goals.

Our large network and knowledge of the rehabilitation sector enables us to access other professionals such as Case Managers, Orthotists, Seating Specialists, Psychologists and Medico-legal representation to integrate seamlessly with your MOTIONrehab treatment.

During your assessment with MOTIONrehab we will help identify areas where you may need specialist support which is outside our expertise and help make the necessary introductions and referrals. We will then work in partnership with our network colleagues to help you reach your full potential.

MOTIONrehab are happy to attend alternative venues as required for your rehabilitation. For example, accompany you to other appointments where our input can help maximise your therapy outcomes. Equally, we are able to provide clinical or meeting space for other professional involved in your care. If you would like to use meeting room or clinic space in one of our clinics please speak with your therapist or contact our client services team on 0800 8600 138 or email [email protected]

All of the MOTIONrehab staff are happy for you share their details with other professionals and organisations you are working with as part of your rehabilitation journey.

For more information about how MOTIONrehab® can help you, please call the MOTIONrehab® Customer Services Team on 0800 8600 138 or email [email protected]



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