Treatment in the community

Treatment in the community

MOTIONrehab offer treatment in the community.

MOTIONrehab recognise that rehabilitation is only successful if we help you return to the things you like doing or enable you to do something new for the first time! It is important to us that any skills you gain in therapy sessions are put to good use and enable you to be as independent as possible in your daily life.

It may be that your rehabilitation goals involve getting out and about in the community. This may include going to the gym, swimming, joining sporting or recreational groups or returning to work. Therefore, MOTIONrehab can provide sessions in a wide range of environments to help you achieve your goals and get you to where you want to be.

Our Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists are able to treat you in the environment most suited to meet your goals in the community. We can attend any location such as the gym or swimming pool with you. We will assess any specific needs you may have in this environment, considering access and the activities you wish to undertake. We will then work with you to establish your goals and devise a therapy programme. MOTIONrehab recognise that repetition of tasks is very important to help build your confidence and develop your abilities and skills. Therefore, we encourage family members, carers or other professional onsite (i.e. personal trainer, fitness instructor) to help carry out your exercise programme to help you reach your goals. We can work with personal trainers and fitness instructors to help them understand your difficulties and ensure they can accommodate your needs.

MOTIONrehab welcome the opportunity to link with other professionals to help progress your rehabilitation. These may include your care team, community and hospital based NHS teams or local support networks such as charity groups (i.e. Stroke Association, Headway, MS Society etc).

We have a wide network or organisations and activities you may be interested in and are more than happy to make recommendations, referrals and introductions.

For more information about MOTIONrehab Community Rehabilitation Services or any other service, please contact  MOTIONrehab’s Client Services Team on 0800 8600 138 / 01423 608081 or email: [email protected]


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